My Story

I started out a step above iron-on's in the t-shirt making process back in the spring of 2005. I was opposed to going to stores and being limited to what was on the shelf, let alone the fact you were often paying for something that's primary design was to advertise for that company.

Most of my current designs are based on something I'm into, owned or just think is cool. 

I fell in love with vinyl because its generally simple (1D), and very durable (decals or tshirts). I enjoy not only the creative process of Z Square Designs, but also the advertising, manufacturing, and shipping processes. If you have an idea run it by us and i will do my best to achieve your goal.

Good things!

Zach Zampella

P.S. the image below is from the pre-spring 2005 era, and was on the original website.Who would have thought a mistake would look so cool !